Superior Quality metal stamping, wire forming, welding (tig, mig and sonic), assembly, heat-treating and a wide variety of metal finishing. Specializing in machine gun link, ammo clip, and other ammunition components.



sidebyside1The Hedman family and it’s ancestors have been manufacturing since 1904. The original manufacturing company was started by Glenn Greene Sr., and then carried on by his son Glenn Greene Jr. and his children. The Hedman family has worked together with other individuals to carry on this manufacturing tradition. Over the years the manufacturing facilities produced many metal and wire products, to include, but not limited to military products, such as; 5.56MM Stripper Clip and Fillers, 7.62MM Stripper Clips and Fillers, 5.56MM Steel Core Penetrators, Multi-Grain Flechettes, G.I. Can Openers, mop hardware, furniture hardware, ladder hardware and many other products.

International Ordnance is carrying on the tradition, manufacturing military hardware and the Haim Fastener (Small Load Binder) with original tooling, which our Great Grandfather invented and patented in the early 1900’s. National Wire and Metal Tech, Inc. is also carrying on the traditon, manufacturing the full G.G. Greene mop hardware line.

Through the years, the Hedman family members worked in the manufacturing industry and pursued other paths; however, in 1999 we decided to come back together and start our own manufacturing company. In March of 2000, the family formed a women owned business named National Wire & Metal Tech., Inc.

National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. employs approximately 40 people in the Jamestown area. The company manufactures sponge mops and other cleaning products for companies such as Rubbermaid®, O-Cedar Brands®, FHP®, Butler Home Products®, and several other large accounts. Many of the mops that are available at commercial distributors and major retailers such as K-Mart®, Wal*Mart®, Target®, and grocery stores are produced right here in Jamestown. The company has additional product lines such as, a complete line of closure handles for drums and barrels, and a wide range of capabilities: metal stamping, injection molding, wire forming, welding, fusing, and assembly operations; as well as, having established its own cleaning brand name “HOMEMAID®.” You can visit the website at

Prior to the National Wire & Metal Technologies’ acquisition, the manufacturing operation was known as Metaltech Manufacturing Corp. Adolph Morando started Metaltech in the early 1980’s. The company was then purchased by Royce Eisenhauer in November of 1998 and was renamed Metaltech Manufacturing Acquisition Corp. Mr. Eisenhauer owned the company until he was forced to close the doors in March of 2000. Metaltech Manufacturing Acquisition Corp. reportedly lost $1 million in their final three months of operation.

On March 17, 2000, the Hedman family purchased the assets of Metaltech from Wells Fargo Business Credit and began production immediately. Production began Friday March 17, 2000 and our first finished products shipped on Monday March 20, 2000. Making this happen was overwhelming at times for the company, but all the hard work paid off in the long run. National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. has worked diligently to expand its customer base, diversify its product lines, and improve operations. The company turned a profit after the first eight months of operation and has continued to show profitability every year.

The summer of 2001, National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. and Rick Howells started a metal finishing company named Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc. The company originally offered zinc plating, small batch powder coating, plaforization, electroless nickel, black oxide and de-burring services. They have now added hard-coat and regular anodizing, along with several other custom coatings. In 2008, the Hedman family sold their interest in Industrial Metal Finishing to Rick Howells, he now owns and operates the company. We have continued to support one another as industrial partners.

On September 22, 2001, National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. acquired their competitor, New Knight Corp., which was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The operation relocated to the Jamestown facility, creating and retaining 40 jobs, along with improving the company’s diversification.

In August of 2002, some of the principals of National Wire & Metal Technologies, John Savko and others incorporated a new women owned business, International Ordnance Technologies, Inc. (IOT) This company purchased a 40,000 square foot facility in Jamestown, NY, and the tooling to manufacture machine gun links (ammunition-loading devices for weapon systems) from a California bankruptcy court. IOT continues to pursue its diversification strategy, as well as, established two complementary manufacturing processes, austemper heat-treat and barrel phosphate. Currently IOT employs a staff of 35.

National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. and International Ordnance credit their success to its dedicated customers and hard-working staff. “Our progress would not have been possible without the help of our team.”

Our companies are continuously pursuing growth and diversification of its customer bases and product lines, along with always focusing on improving our manufacturing processes and capabilities. Our future holds great opportunities and we are looking forward to carrying on our manufacturing tradition started by our Great Grandfather over 100 years ago!


Original Load Binder Brochure, circa


G.I. Can Opener (commonly referred

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