triangleIOT will continually supply our customers the best-valued products in the industry, which is our mutual "LINK" to success!

Our QUALITY system is continually evolving to sustain part excellence. Our quality systems staff works diligently, continually improving IOT’s Total Quality System and training our personnel on the most current procedures and process controls, such as, SPC, 5S, Lean/Theory of Constraints, Problem Solving, Preventive Maintenance and OSHA Standards. International Ordnance Tech., Inc. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company that supplies exceptional quality products to our customers on a continual basis, making IOT the preferred link supplier in the industry.

DELIVERY is essential to our mutual success. We are constantly working towards 100% on-time deliveries; we are perpetuating this trend by maintaining a Kanban system, continual production improvements, and ensuring on-time delivery of quality products from our vendors. To achieve production improvement, our primary focus continues to be on improving internal production capabilities through equipment reliability/upgrades, process and engineering improvements.

We offer VALUE to our customers through not only Quality and Delivery, but also through driving down product costs, enabling IOT to present the best value parts in the market place. We accomplish this through outstanding product performance and customer service, purchasing strategies, total integrated manufacturing processes, low overhead structure, non-union facility, continual process improvements, minimal customer rejects and scrap. Our customers also yield value through our wide variety of product and service offerings, making IOT a One-Stop-Shop that fulfills multiple product and service needs for our customers.

Our Quality Statement: “Commitment to Quality is our LINK to Excellence”


Call us directly:

(716) 664-1100

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